About me

Hello, my name is Moni King. I am a historian and I teach art history at the Catholic University of Argentina, Buenos Aires. I also have completed graduate studies and specialized in teaching Spanish to foreigners.

Thanks to my extensive experience in teaching, I've created a unique method, which is succinct and effective for students to acquire great skills in Spanish. I have patiently developed this method from a scientific and experimental basis.

I offer effective language learning with innovative results driven approach and a distinctive methodology and I emphasis individual student needs.

Through my experience in South America and Europe, I noticed that educational institutions often extend their Spanish curriculum for lucrative intents, therefore underestimating the students’ learning abilities. Moreover, some activities are given the name of ‘recreational methods’ when, in reality, they are mere games. You do not pay to play but to learn. Learning Spanish can be fun in itself, without spending an extensive amount of time on games that leave your language skill acquisition static.

I offer you an efficient, personalized and guaranteed method, with which you’ll achieve noticeable results in handling Spanish in no more than 1 month, while most educational institutions do it in 3 months.

There is no need for you to invest excessive amounts of time, but rather invest in quality for your learning experience. The ‘Moniking method’ will give you such an experience in a clearly-structured and dynamic way. You will hence learn to read, write, speak, think and understand the logic behind the language, thus guaranteeing the effectiveness of the method, no matter your initial Spanish level.

Money is time, time is money!! Moniking will value your time and your money!!

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